why do dogs hate postmen?

Asked: why do dogs hate postmen?

They are strangers . .


they are invaders on their territory

I'd suggest because they are strangers who come to the door, and then leave.My Whippet, I'd say, doesn't HATE our posties, but for sure she sounds off when they deliver.But what concerns me about not stopping all this hysterical barking, is that as they walk away, she's thinking she's 'won'.Actually with our previous postie, who when she met out in the street during her walks, she was very friendly with, had time to let me open the front door when he delivered, so she was able to meet and greet rather than leaving her with this 'good, I won again', thing.Not so with his replacements (he's sick with terminal cancer, sadly) who are not the same every day now, and they don't deliver at the same time either!

I think to suggest that all dogs hate postmen, is untrue.

dogs can sense crazy…no seriously it is a territorial issue, anyone not welcomed into the house is astranger snd a potential danger…but honestly some postmen have an inate fear of dogs and dogs sense emotion and that is why it may seem like postmen are singled out more than other stangers

Because irresponsible owners do not keep there dogs under control .
its a myth dogs dont like postmen .
Owners past and present have not kept there dogs under control which has resulted in postmen and delivery drivers being attacked bitten and injured .

Dogs generally want to guard their territory. Postmen are strangers to them.

They are strangers

They come near your house and walk away (as mama bas puts it; the dog has won, feels awesome and continues barking)

They wear a cap and a lot of dogs really hate that. My previous dog started growling whenever one was wearing one and as soon as he would put it off, he's stop. As soon as that person put it on again, he'd start growling again. It was fairly funny tbh icon smile why do dogs hate postmen?

Not all dogs hate them but beware if yours does for sometimes they can grow to extremes and attack them when they ring the door for a personal delivery.

I think a dog should only be put down when he is in pain or he is suffering and has no good days because of physical health. Your dog has been a family member all these years, so he deserves love and respect.

You could get a doggie door so he can go out by himself. This might give him time to get out before using the carpet. There are foods and medicines for dogs with allergies. And as you said, you can be more forthcoming and do more to help your mom with Bear. If you love him, please give him some of the joy he has given you through the years.

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