What breed would be best for me?

Asked: What breed would be best for me?

I live in an independent house with a medium sized yard. I will be leaving the dog alone for about 5 hours after it is trained. I want a friendly dog, that would give a warning bark in case of intruders. I was thinking of getting a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever or getting both to keep each other company while I am gone. There is absolutely NO chance of the dog escaping or digging itself out. I am prepared for the responsibilities and will walk/run them twice a day and play with themand take good care of them.
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Hi, you say after it is trained but I reckon not until a year or more old could you leave it for that long.

Also, I know it isn't the normal choice, but Jack Russell Terriers (Parsons too, probably), do this too.

Please rescue a dog/puppy their are so many sitting in there waiting for a home again wondering where their family has gone, also a dog that isn't a puppy is good because it has already been potty trained, a lot of them know basic commands, I suggest you don't leave it outside while you are gone, to many people now a days will poison, light on fire or hurt your dog when they discover they have been left alone outside for a while.
Crates are great, it makes them feel like its a den a safe spot for them, You didn't really say if size mattered, but I would say a pit bull,they make great family dogs, are very loving and loyal, soft coat wheaten terrier, there are lots of breeds that would be good, get books on training your dog and dog basics, and please do some reading before you get one, remember it's hard for them to be tossed back into a shelter. You should go into this with the mindset as a dog is forever
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