Volunteering with Animals?

Asked: Volunteering with Animals?

I'm in Wisconsin, if that makes a difference. Anyway, I volunteer at the local therapeutic riding center and tack/groom/lead/water the horses. I also walk dogs at the dog shelter on occasion. I'm 14, the shelter only lets me walk if I have a parent, and I can be alone with the horses as long as I've been trained.
My problem is, the horse program is only May-Early November and the dog shelter is a bit of a drive.
Any other ideas where I could volunteer? Besides the Humane Society.


Take her to a vet, they know more about birthing puppies then you.
Even a shelter could get a foster home for her.

yes they can get periods

lol Yes it is called a heat cycle which happens about every 6 months and can last about 2 to 3 weeks. They do bleed. This can be stopped once they get spayed

Yes, female dogs that are not spayed (fixed) can go into heat (which is the appropriate term for "period")
Its usually not alot of blood, and depends on the dog, just like humans- it depends.
Once the dog is fixed or pregnant she wouldnt go in heat anymore (fixing is best as there are thousands of dogs killed each year in humane societies while people breed for money, most dogs that are bred are kept in inhumane ways)

Dogs do not have periods.

Well, it's not really a period. They do bleed every four months once they are mature enough. During this time the dog is in "heat" which means this is when she is fertile. Many male dogs will be able to pick up her scent from miles away and come seeking her in order to try to mate with her.

Dogs do NOT get periods nor do they menstruate.

They go into estrus which is the complete OPPOSITE of menstruation.

Humans menstruate when an egg has not been fertilised, dogs go into estrus to let male dogs know they are ready to mate.

Compete opposites of each other.

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