Snakes in a box dream…?

Asked: Snakes in a box dream…?

In my dream I was standing over a box labelled 100 snakes, I opened it up and started to play with them, all was fine. All of a sudden, the snakes began to get uncontrollable and attempted to bite me, I tried to control and put them back but I couldn't control them all. A dog then walked in and ate loads of them, and I knew there was only about 20 left. I then got the rest of them in the box and done it back up and I felt better.

Any ideas what this meant? I'm just intrigued to see opinions…


She looks like a pure breed to me have a few friends with this kind of dog good looking dogs

She's likely what I call a 'Generic Pit-Type' dog.

A dog who could have any number of breeds related to the pit bull in its family tree.

I don't like using the term 'pit bull' to describe the various breeds related to the APBT.

Without a pedigree or even an image of the dog's parents, we can't be sure, but she looks like your typical pit-type dog.

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