Sleeping Dogs or Deus Ex?

Asked: Sleeping Dogs or Deus Ex?

Both are on sale right now on Xbox, but I only have the monies to buy one. Which one and why? I don't play multiplayer/co op.


If you want a Arkham City type game with Slo-Mo Gunplay set in an open world, then go with Sleeping Dogs. If you want a great story, with stealth gameplay and augmentations, go with Deux Ex. (I'm assuming you're talking about the newest one.)

First, neither game has multiplayer of any kind, so no worries there. Each game has it's own strengths, however.

Sleeping Dogs is an open world game where the combat is mainly martial arts. There are very few guns in the game. The combat is good, however, along the lines of the Arkham games. There are collectibles to find and side missions to complete, and the total length of the game is around 20 hours if you want everything.

Deus Ex is a more linear experience, though you can explore the areas your missions take place in. It has some RPG elements and allows you to customize your character. There is also a reason to replay the game, as you can go through and kill everyone or no one. The only down side is that the boss fights are almost a different game, as they are straight up gun fights for the most part. Even if you play a stealth run, you will still need lethal guns for those fights. This game lasts a little less time than Sleeping Dogs, but if you are going for trophies / achievements, you will want to do a couple of playthroughs, which will stretch that time.

It really depends on what type of experience you want. Open world hand to hand fighting = Sleeping Dogs. Stealth and gunplay = Deux Ex.
Both are amazing games, but Sleeping Dogs still has DLC coming out, so you might want to hold off for a complete edition of that game. Deus Ex, however, has no more planned DLC.

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