Should You Use Boarding Kennels While You Are Away?

One question I get asked in running boarding kennels in Nottingham is should I leave the dog in kennels or get a neighbour to look after it while I’m a way?

The easy answer might seem to leave your pet in the care of a neighbour but is that the right thing for your dog in the long run?

When you go away consistency is the main thing and your pet will appreciate this and be a lot happier while you are away. If sometimes you leave him with a neighbour or family friend and other times in kennels he will tend to get confused about what is happening and not behave well in either situation.  Dogs like people and prefer consistency and routine, they will be far happier knowing that while you are away they always stay in kennels, they will know what to expect.

Often neighbours, friend or family will take your pet in and not really look after it properly. They will sometimes forget to walk it twice a day because their favourite soap is on the tv or a friend has called around for a coffee.  In kennels you will not find this as their main concern is for your dog and will have a routine of walking your dog at least twice a day. Most kennels will have outside runs where your beloved family friend will have far more room to run around rather than being stuck in the kitchen.

What would happen if your dog became ill and started to be sick or worse still cough up blood or maybe simply off his food for a few days. Often family and friends will jot have the necessary experience of dealing with problems like that and panic. This could well result in necessary trips to the vets and incur great expense, vet bills are not cheap!

Kennel owners are used to looking after all different breeds of dogs and know the different characteristics of each breed and how to treat them should any problems arise.

Many dogs that come into kennels have to have some sort of medication given two or three times a day. On occasions this has to be administered by injection. Unless you are very lucky family and friends will not have the necessary experience of dealing with these problems especially with injections and could cause your pet more distress than is necessary.

It may seem on the surface that you are being kinder to your pet by leaving him with friends, but they are your friends and not his. They will need to go out and get shopping etc and will probably leave him on his own. In kennels you pet will get day long attention  and will not get as lonely as there will be other dogs around.

Next time you go off on that dream holiday keep in mind that you want the best for your dog too and he needs to enjoy his holiday too.  You will be far kinder leaving him in the expert care of Nottingham boarding kennels every time than left with different people. He will be far happier and will get all the attention, exercise and care he needs.