should dogs wear shoes to protect their paw ?

Asked: should dogs wear shoes to protect their paw ?

There are many sharp things on the ground, like garbage, wood, small broken trees. There are many sharp things at the beach also. I often saw dogs breed from their paw by stepping something, or sometimes they don't breed but they scream when they stepped something.


Sounds like boots would be a good choice.

no its a big waste of money

It really depends on your situation and where you go walking.

Dogs adapt to the environment they are in. A dog mainly indoors has much more sensitive paw which are much more susceptible to abrasions. An outdoor dogs paws become callused and rough being much more hardy on surfaces such as rocks. I live in Hawaii and lava is the most dangerous unpredictable surface. It cracks and chips and the shards are so sharp they slice right through skin, my dogs hardly notice but I do notice small cuts every now and again which they lick but have never limped or cried. It is usually when the cuts are up in the pay between the pads and toes which cause them to cry and yelp. Rocks can get lodged and sometimes thorns. Obviously objects like glass can hid in the sand at a beach and although I have never had a problem if you notice in your area an odd amount of debris on the beach or area of travel for your dog- boots may be a good idea to protect the paw from wounds that can cause infection and disease. Open wounds on the paw can contract worms and parasites that can really cause problems.

But to be honest dog paws are very rough as it is. Unless they are indoors most dogs do just fine. Again its up to you as a responsible dog owner to determine the amount of danger your dog is in.

There are. They're called hares. Some of them grow to over thirty feet in length.

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