Pure American Pit Bull Terrier or mixed?

Asked: Pure American Pit Bull Terrier or mixed?

Just got a puppy, no pedigree, all the woman said as to her breed was American Pit Bull Terrier. She looks pretty pure to me, but we have been telling people she is a lab mix to make them more comfortable around her. My boyfriend also thinks she is pure. She is 15 weeks old, so I know it's pretty difficult to tell. I am just looking for your best guess, if she is mixed or pure it doesn't change a thing we love her to pieces and she gets along perfectly with my other dog. Her name is Xena. icon smile Pure American Pit Bull Terrier or mixed?




She looks like a pure breed to me have a few friends with this kind of dog good looking dogs

She's likely what I call a 'Generic Pit-Type' dog.

A dog who could have any number of breeds related to the pit bull in its family tree.

I don't like using the term 'pit bull' to describe the various breeds related to the APBT.

Without a pedigree or even an image of the dog's parents, we can't be sure, but she looks like your typical pit-type dog.

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