My Pet Is On Medication Should I still Leave Him In Kennels?

We all get ill from time to time and your dog is no different, but what happens if he is due to stay in Nottingham Boarding Kennels while you’re away. Should you take him or cancel your trip?

The simple answer is no. Any experienced kennel owners will be more than capable of looking after your dog no matter what medication he is on. Although some are not fully qualified or will not give injections should they be necessary. It can be very easy giving pills, lotions or eye drops but when it comes to giving injections then some experience is necessary.

Phone the owners and ask if taking your dog in will pose any problems for them and I’m sure you will find that it won’t be a problem. Some kennel owners will maybe ask you to sign a consent form to give them your permission to administer them and cover them just in case. That shouldn’t cause you worry as the same thing happens if you go into hospital for an procedure.

Perhaps your pet is on regular medication and is used to taking a pill crushed in his food or with a treat. It’s a good idea to give a list of what treatment your dog is on and how you would normally give it so the kennels know and your dog gets the same treatment as he would at home.

Any experienced kennel owners will probably have come across every drug and medication and will perhaps know much better how to give them a lot easier than you would. After all they probably have several dogs in at once with different problems.

Make sure that you speak to Nottingham boarding kennel owners before dropping your dog off to make sure it won’t be a problem and you will be less stressed or worried while you’re away, he will be in safe hands!