My 4 month old puppy (jack russell terrier) bit of part of my nose?

Asked: My 4 month old puppy (jack russell terrier) bit of part of my nose?

My dog is usually quite obedient and this was completely spontaneous and random, I've got no idea why this happened.

Should I get rid of him?


Only if you aren't up to keeping him.
This is what puppies do.
I would suggest you not feed him any more noses.

Sounds to me like you got your face too close to those little sharp puppy teeth.

No, you don't get rid of him.What the heck?It's a puppy and if you don't know any better than to keep your nose out of it's face then why is this the puppy's fault?

The pup has no idea what a human nose is.

no don't get rid of him

he was probably just trying to play
just tell him NO next time and stop playing with him for 5 min.
he should stop

He's still a puppy.Puppies bite.

If you think it was more than just a puppy game you should be more careful when playing with him, do not let him have unsupervised access to babies, children or vulnerable elderly people,take him to obedience classes and teach him who is pack leader – ie not him, and consider getting him neutered if it's a male dog.

That said – my neighbour's Jack Russell did have to be destroyed because he was completely out of control, left alone all day with her elderly disabled mother who could not discipline him. He bit several family members before being put to sleep.He was convinced he was in charge and some terriers do have an aggressive nature I think.

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