is this wrong, if so what should i do?

Asked: is this wrong, if so what should i do?

there is a family down the street from me and they have a boxer that is about 4 and the family does not seem to treat him nice. the mom wont really let the kids play with him, she bangs on the door and yells at the dog, and they wont even pet him or take him out of the fencing around the yard. the worst part is that mom says i'm mistreating my dog even though its just letting him off his leash and playing with my dog. i feel bad for that other dog and want to know what to do. should i call the humane Society, i think i'm too young to do that at 14. i'm afraid to tell them because that mom doesn't like me. the other problem is that i think the mom is bothering me about my dog because she is afraid that if her dog is mean then all of them are even though the reason the dog is mean is because no one gives the dog any respect or much love. is the way this dog treated wrong if it is what should i do? i hate to see a sad dog. :'(


Unfortunately, people are allowed to treat their dogs however they want.As long as the dog has food, water and shelter, the humane society can't do a thing.You can report them if you want; they'll come out and investigate, but if the dog's getting the necessities, they won't do anything.

yes why dont you speak to your parents about it and if they agree, maybe they can call humane society if youre worried about being too young. I defiantly dont like to see a sad dog icon sad is this wrong, if so what should i do?

You know what you have to do? ot say a single word to them. Go to your phone right now and call the Dogs Trust. They are your best option and are the kindest animal centre for dogs. TRUST ME. They will soon take the dog away from them and convict them for assult to an animal. They should know that when you buy an animal they are a responsibility for a LIFE TIME. As soon as the dog has been at the dogs trust for a short while it'll be put up for adoption and go to a new happy caring home with owners who truely care about animals :3
To be honest this person doesn't even sound like a good mother! Let alone a dog owner.

The Humane Society is not going to come out for something like this.Unless the dog doesn't have food, water, and shelter, you have NO basis to call them.You need to mind your own business.There are dogs that live a lot worse lives than this dog.

How do you know that you are not taking the situation out of context? Maybe the kids are not allowed to play with the dog because they play too rough or have hurt the dog in the past? If you are letting your dog off the leash that is a problem because you are not following leash laws and she may not want your dog on her property. I know I wouldn't. How do you know the dog is sad and mistreated? Nothing you've said indicates the dog is mistreated or sad. Plus, you only have a piece of the puzzle given you don't live there. There could be rules for the dog when people are over or for after school. If the dog is being beat on then you have a case or if you can see every bone in his body then make some phone calls. Otherwise, this just sounds like the only issue is you letting your dog off leash.

Just call the humane society. That it your best option, that, or tell your parents and they can deal with it. I really fell bad for that dog too. I have seen that happen just calling the human society had solved the problem. I hope this helps:)

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