How to stop my dog barking at..?

Asked: How to stop my dog barking at..?

My 1 year westie has got into a really bad habit of barking at cars and door cars being closed (we live in a little coldisac with 3 other houses so the cars only come in and out a couple of times during the day)

I've tried everything to stop him from barking but nothing seems to help.

Today some delivery person came in a van and my westie was barking and shaking/shivering so its getting really bad now and I don't no if this is nerves or excitement.

How can I stop him barking??

Also is anyone has any tips on how to stop a dog barking at dogs and animals on the tv that would also be great

Thanks for any help!!


If i were u, i would have dog treats handy about the house and every time he barks give him a flick on the nose and when he stops give him a treat. Keep repeating this until the dog learns not to bark.

Get some compressed air (in a can) next time he barks squirt it at his ear. it won't hurt him, but it will make him jump a little. Combine this with a loud (but not shouting) verbal command like NO, you will have to do this a few times, but eventually he will learn to stop barking.

You need a get a squirt bottle, so every time he barks or does something wrong just spray him once,you have to do it right as he does it.Make sure the water on the squirt bottle is on high shoots real far.Hitting a dog, messing with there ears only makes them frightened, water in the bottle does no damage,

I have answered this twice and rather than retype again, here are the links.

Westies are terriers – they are varmit hunters and the love to bark.

He's probably bored and needs some stimulation. Give him some toys to chew on. That'll keep him busy, not to mention teach him proper behaviour.

Distract it with a stick or a ball to make it take its mind off things

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