Englishh 10 Pleasee HELPP ! I need to pass pleasee help ASAP ! i can’t fail this pleasee help me?

Erika Lynn Asked: Englishh 10 Pleasee HELPP ! I need to pass pleasee help ASAP ! i can’t fail this pleasee help me?

East Asia and the Pacific Rim Unit Test


Match each literary term with its definition.

words and phrases unique to a group of people or region
a more polite way of expressing something uncomfortable
the events and actions of a story
the general attitude of a character toward the world
1.voice(1 point)

2.plot(1 point)

3.dialect(1 point)

4.euphemism(1 point)

Match each literary term with its definition.

the location where a story takes place
providing hints about a story's eventual outcome
the main argument of a literary analysis
the main point of a story
a memory that takes place out of the main timeline of a story
5.flashback(1 point)

6.foreshadowing(1 point)

7.setting(1 point)

8.thesis(1 point)

9.theme(1 point)

Multiple Choice

10.In Patricia Grace's "A Way of Talking," Jane was curious about Rose's(1 point)
dress size.
scrub cutting.
social life.

11.In The Three Kingdoms, what caused Zhang Jue to become the Great and Worthy Teacher?(1 point)
A pestilence had spread throughout the land.
He wanted to compete with the Hermit.
His followers depended on him.
He needed to control the chieftains.

12.In Cranes, just after Song-sam lets his friend escape,(1 point)
he hears a shot.
he sees two cranes fly off.
Tok-chae is captured by two soldiers.
Tok-chae realizes Song-sam has tricked him.

13.In "Tokyo," Ryo lies to Tususuishi about her___(1 point)

14.The heroes of the The Three Kingdoms can best be described as(1 point)
loyal to the emperor.

15.Complete the following statement about the poem "Thoughts of Hanoi" :___is/are both a friend and foe.(1 point)
The brother

16.In Judith Wright's "Eve to Her Daughters," Adam believed that ___ didnt exist.(1 point)
the Garden of Eden
God and the other
combustion engines
Eves daughters

17.Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics: Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark Twain.(1 point)
Orient Express
Mark Twain
no error

18.Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics: He felt like a character in a Steven Spielberg movie as he listened to a Strauss waltz while eating spaghetti in the dining car.(1 point)
Steven Spielberg
Strauss waltz
no error

19.Identify the sentence that contains an error in punctuation or capitalization.(1 point)
"Good morning," Ms. Roper said. "Please open your copies of The Hobbit to page 45."
"I've left my book at home, said Emily. "May I share with someone else?"
Ms. Roper handed out an article on J. R. R. Tolkien from Smithsonian magazine.
"I cant wait to read the rest of his books," said Rick.

20.Identify the choice that contains no errors in punctuation or use of italics.(1 point)
Catherine asked, "Where are you going"?
"We're going to volunteer at the animal shelter," said Dan, "Do you want to come?"
"Do they have puppies there?" she asked.
That song and "Feelin' Groovy" are both on the album Simon & Garfunkels Greatest Hits.
"Of course. Did you think they had elephants?", Dan asked her.

21.Identify the error in apostrophe use: Pat's friend just called to ask if Tom's brother will be at Richards' birthday party.(1 point)
no error

22.Identify the error in apostrophe use: Those dogs's owners have left them in their vet's kennel while they shop at Macy's.(1 point)
no error

23.Identify the incorrect word: Emma told Jim that his car is still in its parking place next to our apartment.(1 point)
no error


Kaytlin Answered:
The horse will eventually get used to her name, no big deal there. As for the spray, get her sued to a bottle with liquid in it, and don't spray her just yet. Shake the bottle, let her smell it, ect. And just like you would a hose, start slowly with her feet and eventually move up once she is comfortable. A good training aid I used to get my donkey used to being sprayed was holding a treat or carrot in my closed hand up to her nose while I sprayed, to keep her mind on it, and once I sprayed her, I would immediately open my hand allowing her to have a treat. Give it a try.

Daisy Danger Answered:
When my dog's dew claws were torn open the vet told me to use soap and hot water at night and gauze soaked in saline solution throughout the day.

Coley Answered:
Thank you Moondog for addressing the Peroxide.I have NO clue why people jump up and recommend this but peroxide oftentimes does far more harm than good.

With that said, there are many different solutions the vet could be using.Without more information it is hard to recommend where to get them etc.Surgical scrub (betadyne) is a common one.This is a yucky soapy rust colored stuff.But then Novalsan or Hibiclens is oftentimes used as well of a couple other things made for various conditions.

Here is the thing with vets…hehehe, altho they want to sell you their product because it does generate income revenue…if you simply ask, nearly all will tell you what it is.At that point, it is easy enough to find out if the product is something you can easily attain.Also, rather than buying the premade wipes….ask if you can buy 8oz of the solution and go get your own 4 x 4's at Wal Mart.It would probably save you quite a bit of money.IDK…my vet would "give" something like that for free.Yet I realize not all vets are as nice in that regard as mine is.

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  • 16 (1 point)catherine asked “where are you going”? “we’re going to volunteer at the animal shelter ” said dan “do you want to come?” “do they have puppies there?” she asked “of course did you think they had elephants?” dan asked her
  • In Tokyo Ryo lies to Tususuishi about her___ (1 point)
  • providing hints about a storys eventual outcome
  • complete the following statement about the poem thoughts of hanoi ____ is/are both a friend and foe
  • providing hints about a story’s eventual outcome
  • in tokyo ryo lies about her
  • In Patricia Graces A Way of Talking Jane was curious about Rose’s
  • identify the word or phrase that should be in italics riding the orient express
  • identify tge error in apostrophe use pats friend
  • complete the following statement about the poem thoughts of hanoi __ is /are both a friend and foe

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