Dog bleeding from anus, bad smell?

Jenny Adams Asked: Dog bleeding from anus, bad smell?

PLEASE READ: I have a cockerspaniel/terrior/poodle mix, she is about 10 years old, and a bit overweight. For the past few days, I noticed a little blood on the floor sometimes after she'd get up, and I just cleaned it up because this happened about a month ago and went away within a couple days. But now her anus just looks really big and smells pretty bad, but not a poop smell. And there is not discharge other than blood. My mom and I just clean up the little blood marks when we see some on the carpet, and then put a wet paper towel on her anus hole and she's fine after that. She doesn't seem to be in any pain at all, she is eating and drinking all normally, so I dont know what this is.

My mom has taken alot of time off work within the past few weeks and she says there is absolutely no way for her to take time off and take her to the vet and my dad is out of town for 2 weeks. She said we will take her in this weekend.

Last time this happened, it went away in a few days, but this time it seems a little worse and pretty smelly. Im not sure about her bowel movements because I dont sit outside and watch her while she does her business, but Ive been putting some beans in with her dinner like one website suggested to soften her bowel movements, in case its just constipation.

Ive been up all night because she is bleeding a little more so Ive cleaned it up and been staying up with her researching this and putting wet paper towels on her butt to clean the drips of blood. I heard about the anal sacs stuff and about them maybe having to be emptied. Do you think thats what it is? Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas? Please I will get her to the vet as soon as I can but Im only 16, I cant do it without my mom.


Crack Head Answered:
Ours had rectal cancer. We had to put her down.

CookieThe First One Answered:
There is probably an infected anal gland which is never getting completely emptied by the normal bowel movement.Poodles are notorious for anal gland problems and owners of a poodle should make sure the gland does not become impacted by either taking the dog to a groomer, a vet, or learning how to empty the sack themselves.Being a mixed breed actually increases the health problem of each one of the dogs in the breed.
Your dog definitely needs to be seen by a vet.Being overweight can also contribute to this problem

Pamela D Answered:
Your dog needed to be seen by a vet when this first started, it could have just been an infected anal gland then but not it sounds like it could be cancerous.

Fridays Answered:
I totally agree with Cookie on the anal gland thing!

Sometimes, if the blockage is in its early stages you can express it yourself. Nasty and smelly, but doable. But since there is swelling and bleeding, this means inflammation. Where there is inflammation, there is usually an infection, and that needs to be seen and treated by a vet.

I am not convinced your dog can wait until the weekend. The infection will spread and I've no doubt she's in a lot of pain or discomfort.Is there a neighbour or family member that is willing to help you out with transport?

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