Does my dog love me TOO much?

Asked: Does my dog love me TOO much?

Ok so my grandpa gave me his dog lala and she'sSUCH a sweet dog, I love her like my own baby since my little piggy died and she got used to me in like two days, I NEVER sleep without her, everywhere my parents go I ask if I could take lala with me, and ever since I got her she licks me all over, like my hands or feet or face or anywhere she could get her tongue on, every day when I come home from school she licks me and jumps on me and gives me that I love you and missed u look, she follows me everywhere in the house, even if she's DYING of sleepiness or tiredness she still follows me, I talk to her alot, and I treat her like my little princess. Believe me I treat her better than my brother, so my question is, do all dogs just trust humans like that willy nilly or do I have a special connection with her? Also if you guys don't mind can you tell me a delicious and SUPER healthy dog food brand that's super cheap, thx guys for helping me out!!?:)


Dogs are pack animals and they see there owners as the leader of thee pack. So she tries to protect and keep you happy. It is super normal, but it also special because he won't act that way with anyone but you. And also I think the brand iams is really healthy for dogs.

Its all the personality or temperament of the dog. Some are just more lovey than others, and unfortunately the more attention you give the more they seek. The less attention you give could still cause the dog to seek more. There's nothing wrong with the dog. It just happens to love you that much.

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Hey I'm one of those twits.
OK, I do answer sensibly as well, but I enjoy being silly on here, especially if the question is a stupid one!

I have only asked about half a dozen questions and, apart from the pervs who are obviously not bothered about anything, I have had some really good answers. I think the tone of the question sets the tone for the answer you get, to be honest.

Pretty often. I normally just ask for people's opinions.

No, not usually.

Maybe it's because you don't ask very good questions? For example, there is no question to answer here – you've answered it yourself.

I got constructive answer.

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