Characteristics Of Different Dog Breeds

I get all sorts of dog breeds in boarding kennels in Nottingham and each breed have different characteristics, some are more suited to family life or are happy on their own. Others need lots of exercise  but others are quite happy tpo sit around on the owners lap.

Family dogs that are good with children are breeds such as the Beagle, Foxhound, English Setter, Border Terrier, Greyhounds and Poodles. The more loners of the dog world are the Saluki, Shar Pei, Yorkshire Terrier, French Mastiff and the Border Collie.

Lazy dogs tend to be Chow Chow, Chihuahua, Newfoundland, Pekingese, Toy Terrier and Pappilon. The ones that will be dragging you out of the door, lead in hand are the Weimaraner, Irish Steer, Jack Russell, German Pointer, Dalmatian and the Belgian Tervuren.

If want some peace and quiet you are best avoiding breeds such as the Bassett Hound, Borderand Cairn Terriers, Pomeranian, Shetland, Elkhound and the Corgi.

The best breeds that are easy to train and actually do as you want them to, not running off into the next field the moment they have the chance are the Poodle, Highland Terrier, Labrador, Great Dane, Fox Terrier, Doberman, Cocker Spaniel and of course on the most trainable is the Border Collie. We’ve all seen how great they are at rounding up sheep at the sound of a whistle.

Not every dog within a breed is not the same as the next, all dogs have their own traits, idiosyncrasies  and individual character. From personal experience any breed of dog can be left in boarding kennels in Nottingham quite happily.