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    The German Shepherd Alsatian At Boarding Kennels Nottingham

    The German Shepherd or Alsatian as it is sometimes called is a very frequent visitor to boarding kennels Nottingham even though it was primarily bred as a working and hunting dog, they can make good pets. We have many clients who have them and also have children without any problems.

    They are a large breed of dog with a longish snout and strong jaws. The normal height would be in the region of 55 and 65 cm (22 and 26 in) at the withers and would weigh somewhere between 22 and 40 kgs (49 and 88 lb).

    To look at they have bright intelligent looking eyes, brown in colour, with the body normally a tan and black colour, although you can get all white or all black varieties. Their tail is long and bushy with the coat being fairly short but pretty thick and dense. There is a long haired variety but this is fairly rare in the UK.

    Being an intelligent dog they are commonly used by the police or military and often seen as guard dogs. They can look very aggressive and with their powerful jaws can be intimidating if you are confronted with one. As a large dog with long legs they are very agile and can move fast over the ground if chasing an assailant.

    Alsatians do have a reputation of being one of the most likely dogs to attack people and score high in the table of actual attacks by breeds. However these can sometimes be attributed to the fact that they have bred and trained as attack dogs in their earlier life. If properly trained they do make very good family pets as they are very loyal, obedient and bond well with their owners.

    Be prepared to exercise them regularly though as they are an active breed who like to be on the move rather than sat in front of the fire. Health wise they, like most dogs have a tendency to get hip and elbow dysplasia in later life which can lead to arthritis and joint pain. Ear infections are fairly common too so care needs to be taken. They do have an average life of around 10 years which is pretty standard for this size of dog.

    All in all if you choose a German shepherd for you dog then you will normally have few problems and we will be happy to look after them for you in our boarding kennels in Nottingham.

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    King Charles Spaniel At Boarding Kennels Nottingham

    The King Charles Spaniel is one of the UK’s most popular dogs and the most common of all breeds we get in at boarding kennels Nottingham. It’s a favourite breed because of it’s friendly nature and the natural affection it shows to their owners. They make excellent pets for families as they are great with children, are very playful and get on with other dogs. They quickly adapt to new environments and soon feel at home.

    King Charles’ are a large toy dog in size, ie small to medium and the breed standards state that height of a Cavalier should be between 12 to 13 inches (30 to 33 cm) with a proportionate weight between 10 to 18 pounds (4.5 to 8.2 kg). It is one of the older distinct breeds around dating back to King Charles the 1st and 2nd in the sixteenth century.

    The coats are usually coloured a chestnut or brown on a white background but sometimes the body can be a black with tan patches. They are attractive to look at and can be black, chestnut with a white body as well as the usual colours. Their coats are thick and soft to the touch with a silky feel and often have a slight curl in the hair. The long floppy ears and large sad eyes add to their attractive look.

    The breed does have a natural hunting instinct and so will chase small animals and birds if they are not trained to leave them alone. Due to their natural friendliness and curiosity they do not make good guard dogs as they see everyone as their friend.

    There are prone to suffer from eye problems and can go blind because of the dry eye syndrome so this need careful watching. Other health issues can be like most dogs, hip dysplasia in older life and are commonly found to have heart valve problems too. The spine and head can suffer from a malformation leading to pain and possible partial paralysis. This disease is known as Syringomyelia which will normally appear before the dog is four years old.

    All in all the King Charles Spaniel will make an excellent and friendly dog for almost anyone either with a family or without, as we have found at boarding kennels Nottingham, just don’t leave them to guard the family jewels!

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    How Effective Are Training Collars For Dogs?

    Having been both breeding dogs and running my own boarding kennels in Nottingham for more than 20 years I have gained a good insight into how to look after dogs and how to train them. One thing is certain and that is any training that you have in mind for your dog wants to be done as early in his life as possible as you get achieve a great deal more success. Yes, you can indeed teach old dogs new tricks but it’s harder and you need even more patience!

    Over the years I have seen an endless variety of different styles, types and varieties of training collars, some more effective than others. However, as with most things the simpler it is the better and the one I’ve had more success with is the straightforward “choke collar”.

    The choke collar can be used on virtually any sized dogs, but it’s important that it is fitted correctly.  The collar should never be too tight and needs to be kept pretty loose when your dog is behaving itself.

    If he starts to pull hard when walking then it’s easy to bring him under control with a quick correction. He will soon learn that good behaviour is associated with a nice loose collar and it’s a good idea to reinforce that with the odd doggy treat when he’s good and at heel.

    If you start off with the collar far too tight then he will only think that this feeling is normal and it’s effectiveness is of little or no use.

    Keep to the basics when starting to train a young puppy and you can’t go wrong. He will also be well behaved and under control when you leave him in Nottingham boarding kennels while you’re away.

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    How Often Should My Dog Walked While In Kennels?

    If you have a new puppy and need to go on that lovely holiday, your new pet needs to go into boarding kennels in Nottingham, but the question is how often should he be walked?

    To a certain extent the answer relies on what breed your puppy or dog  is as some breed decidedly need a lot more exercise than others. Assuming that you have an “average ” dog or puppy, say a Terrier or Poodle then normally you at home you would walk them probably twice a day to keep them fit and in good shape.

    The same can be said of kennels. Good kennel owners will usually take their wards out twice a day for a run. It really doesn’t matter if they are let loose in a field or enclosed paddock, or on a lead with a handler, exercise is exercise.

    Good kennels will have not only the kennel to walk around in during the day but an outside run too where they can get some fresh air. Sizes of outside runs vary between kennels but  they should have different sized kennels and runs depending on the size and type of dog in their care.

    This is a big advantage to being kept at home as when you are at work, your puppy will probably be kept in a room at home until you come back. It should feel more like a holiday for your puppy too!

    It’s a good idea to let your new puppy stay overnight a couple of times in kennels before you leave for that 2 week holiday so he will get a feel of it and be less stressed when left for a longer period.

    So to keep you and you pet happy while you’re away, when you book your dog in to a Nottingham boarding kennels for the first time ask how big the kennels are, if the dogs in their care have access to an outside run during the day and how often are they walked in a day.

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    My Dog Is On Medication Should I Still Leave Him In Kennels?

    We all get ill from time to time and your dog is no different, but what happens if he is due to stay in Nottingham Boarding Kennels while you’re away. Should you take him or cancel your trip?

    The simple answer is no. Any experienced kennel owners will be more than capable of looking after your dog no matter what medication he is on. Although some are not qualified or will not give injections should they be necessary.

    Phone the owners and ask if taking your dog in will pose any problems for them and I’m sure you will find that it won’t be a problem. Some kennel owners will maybe ask you to sign a consent form to give them your permission to administer them and cover them just in case. That shouldn’t cause you worry as the same thing happens if you go into hospital for an procedure.

    Perhaps your pet is on regular medication and is used to taking a pill crushed in his food or with a treat. It’s a good idea to give a list of what treatment your dog is on and how you would normally give it so the kennels know and your dog gets the same treatment as he would at home.

    Any experienced kennel owners will probably have come across every drug and medication and will perhaps know much better how to give them a lot easier than you would. After all they probably have several dogs in at once with different problems.

    Make sure that you speak to Nottingham boarding kennel owners before dropping your dog off to make sure it won’t be a problem and you will be less stressed or worried while you’re away, he will be in safe hands!

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    What Breeds Of Dogs Are Best Suited For Kennels?

    There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs and all can be left in the capable hands of experienced boarding kennels in Nottingham while you are away. However some dogs tend to suit kennel life more than others depending on their temperament.

    Here’s a list of the calmest, the most hi-strung and the friendliest or the loner of the pack as voted for by their owners.

    Calmest Breeds

    Some of the breeds of dog that have a calm nature are the Newfoundland, Black Russian Terrier, Biewer Yorkie, Deerhound, Pyrenees, Mastiff and Flanders.

    Hi Strung

    The most highly strung tend to be a Border Collie  followed by,  Fox Terrier, Pinscher, Manchester Terrier, Pharaoh Hound, Jack Russell and the Fox and Rat Terriers.


    The friendliest tend to be the Golden Retriever, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Papillon, Irish & English Setters, Great Dane and a Poodle.


    Breeds of dog that are quite happy to on their own includes the Saluki, Shar Pei, Samoyed, French Mastiff, Afghan and the Belgian Malinoi.

    Whatever breed of dog you have, rest assured that an experienced kennel owner will have looked after them before and are knowledgeable about their characteristics. There are of variance’s within breeds and not all behave in the same way as these are generalisations, but nearly every breed can be happily kept in boarding  kennels in Nottingham without any problem at all.

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    How Do You Relieve Kennel Stress?

    Some dogs suffer from kennel stress when you leave them in boarding kennels in Nottingham, others don’t. If your beloved pet does here are some handy hints to make him feel happier while you are away.

    If you taking your dog to the kennels yourself then make sure you don;t do things in a panic or your mood will be transmitted unknowingly to your pet.  Leave plenty of time and don’t rush things at the last minute or your dog may feel the tension too.

    Take some of food that your dog normally has. A good start to a stay in unfamiliar kennels is for your dog have it’s familiar favourite food and not something it may not like.

    Likewise it’s a good idea to take along some favourite toys or perhaps some familiar clothing so it feels more at home in strange surroundings.

    When you find good kennel owners  stick with them, as it’s better than have your pet get used to someone new every time you go away.

    If you are going to be away on a regular basis then it’s a good idea to let a new puppy stay for a day or two a couple of times to get used to  different surroundings.

    When you leave your pet in the kennel owners hands, try to be upbeat and happy rather than crying! Your mood will be transmitted to your dog.

    Give a written list of your dogs medication or food preferences to the kennel so the owners can treat your dog the same way it is at home.

    A stay in kennels can be unstressful and just like a holiday in boarding kennels in Nottingham for your dog if you prepare a little beforehand.

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    How Do You Know Boarding Kennels Are Up To Scratch?

    You need to put your beloved pet dog or cat into kennels while you are away, but how do you know the boarding kennels in Nottingham are up to scratch? Some kennels are well looked after and kept up to date, others are a bit run down, but which are which?

    You probably don’t know this but the local authorities licence boarding kennels every year.  Kennel owners have to have their kennels licensed and need to renew their licence annually.

    When a kennel owner applies for a licence in their area, the local authorities send out a representative to look over the kennels and make sure that they are well looked after. They would look at things such as cleanliness and hygiene. The condition of the kennels themselves, their size, outside run area, physical condition such as painting etc. How well the dogs are looked after, staff, how often they are walked etc.

    The local authorities have a duty of care to make sure the animals are well looked after and are responsible. So how does this effect you and your pet?

    Before booking your pet into a kennels then you should ask or perhaps even see the certificate that the local authorities give to kennels to prove they are licensed. Some small kennel owners don’t need to have a licence by law.

    Unless you know the kennel owner personally then it’s in your best interest to make sure that the boarding kennels in Nottingham you are considering are indeed licensed.

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    How big does a kennel need to be?

    If you are choosing some boarding kennels in Nottingham to put your pet dog in while you are away on holiday for instance then it’s important to consider how large the kennels need to be for your pet to be comfortable.

    Some kennels that you go to seem almost like prisons for your beloved pet dog. The area is very small perhaps 1 metre by 2 metres (6ft by 3ft) with floor to ceiling walls. Would you like to stay in an area like that for a week or two, well neither would your dog!

    There should be a reasonable area depending on the size of  your dog to walk around in with preferably an outside run they can go in and out of all day depending on the weather.

    Ask the kennel owners how often and for how long are the dogs let out for each day. Ideally they should be walked at least twice a day, just like you should at home, morning and night.

    There should always be enough room for your dog to walk around and also have space for a basket to lie down in comfortably. The actual size depends on the size of your dog.  An Irish Wolf Hound will need a lot more area than say a Jack Russell Terrier to be comfortable in.

    It’s best to always go visit the kennels before making your choice for a boarding kennels in Nottingham a final one.

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    Welcome to Boarding Kennels Nottingham Dot Com

    Finding the right boarding kennels in Nottingham can be difficult. Both you and your pet need to be happy. Some boarding kennels think of your pet as just a number or a profit sign, you need to find kennels that have a genuine interest in making sure your pet is happy and looked after as if it was their own.  We are here to help to get the right boarding kennels for you.

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