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    Are you fascinated by Cesar Millan’s talent to tame dogs? Cesar Millan is a Mexican-American dog trainer who is widely known for his hit tv series, Dog Whisperer. One of the most difficult challenges that he has encountered is dog aggression. It often requires urgent solution because if left unsolved, can put the dog, but also the persons around in imminent danger. Chow Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, Rottweilers, Toy Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are said to be the most aggressive dogs according to research. Before it is too late, owners should see if their dogs are demonstrating signs of aggression. To learn the condition better, following are the different types of dog aggression.

    Dominate Aggression
    This is the very dangerous type and can be very unpredictable type of dog aggression. This dog can be friendly sometimes, but most of the time, he is a big bully. Normally, there is only one person in a family that the dog trusts. A dominate aggressive type dog usually does not discriminate strangers.

    Fear Aggression
    Dogs also have fears same as the humans. It can be triggered by noise, an image or an idea. Fear aggression is characterized by nervousness, insecurity and fright. Dogs with this type of aggression can be bit panicky in most cases. Reactions may vary from aggressive barking, growling, gnawing of teeth, biting and attacking. Dog owners must know the various factors which can cause the dog to be aggressive. It is not one thing that can be outgrown.

    Punishment Aggression
    This is one type of dog aggression a result of abusive and overly dominant dog owners. There are reported cases wherein dog owners relentlessly punish their dog as being the way to correct their pets. Unfortunately, they’re doing the improper kinds of punishment. Dogs can be affected by brutal beating. Some end up with bruises and broken legs. Others end up dying. Dogs tend to be aggressive afterward towards their owners or to other individuals with this particular type of punishment .

    Pain Aggression
    Dogs do feel the pain also. Pain tolerance might also based upon variety. Dogs could become aggressive when they are experiencing pain. This type of aggression often occurs during grooming or in the event the dog is given injection therapy. Dogs can snap or bite you when they are in pain.

    Maternal Aggression
    Female dog that is nursing puppies usually have maternal aggression. It is important that people should learn how to demonstrate distance especially when the mother is feeding her little ones. It is an instinct reaction for nursing dogs to become very protective towards her young just like with humans. The mother dog can bite, growl or snap. When the puppies are weaned, the mother’s behaviour returns to normal.

    Territorial Aggression
    Dogs with this particular kind of aggression, often have a low degree dominance. Symptoms may vary from growling, lifting the upper lip, aggressive barking, snapping and extreme reaction in the event the doorbell rings or someone approaches the home. All those who own aggressive dogs should make sure that the doors are secured to make sure that no one is able to enter the premises without warning.

    Often, the issue with dog aggression is that you may never tell if it is safe to approach the dog. It is recommended to learn how to properly communicate with your dog. Do not forget that the longer that the condition continues, the more aggressive your dog could become. You could talk to your vet in case you notice that your dog is showing aggressive behaviour. Note the triggering factors for the condition. Your dog is depended on you to be in control, so never quit and be patient.

    How to control aggression in dogs? Visit and learn training techniques for aggressive dog, methods and dog training approaches.

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    Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits – What You Need to Know

    It can be really stressful if your dog has bad habits that constantly annoy you and the people around you. It is important not to ignore the unfavorable behaviors of your canine friend. It is not easy to break your dog’s bad habits but you have to start somewhere and teach your canine friend to behave.

    There are a number of bad habits or behavior that dogs may develop like destructive chewing, digging, excessive barking and fighting with other dogs. It is best to train your dog to prevent these habits from forming or to unlearn these habits if your dog already acquired them. The following tips can be very helpful to break your dog’s bad habits.

    Fighting with other dogs. It is normal for dogs to argue with each other but you must prevent your dog to get into serious fight with other dogs to avoid getting harmed and to prevent him from hurting other dogs. To break your dog’s bad habits of fighting with other dogs, you must expose him to social situations and teach your dog to socialize because this will develop the habit of playing with others rather that fight with them. Reward your dog with every good behavior for him to learn that he is doing the right behavior. Dogs can learn good manners in dealing with other dogs.

    Destructive chewing. It is natural for dogs to chew, what is not natural is when the chewing becomes destructive. This behavior can be prevented or it can be unlearned with the proper management and teaching. The best thing to do is to keep him away from things that should not be chewed inside your house like your couch, slippers, clothes, etc. Confinement in a crate or a room with enough food, water to drink and chew toys is one way to break your dog’s bad habits of chewing things inside your house. He will learn that he is only supposed to chew the chew toys and not everything around your house.

    Digging behavior. Another inappropriate behavior of dogs is digging. Leaving your dog alone in the backyard or outside your house can lead to inappropriate habits like digging. If you are away from home, it is best to keep him indoors to prevent this digging behavior from forming. Sometimes boredom is the reason for dogs to form bad habits like digging so it is important to accompany him in the backyard to teach him the proper behavior. Help him form good habits that will stick on him even when left alone in the backyard.

    Excessive or unnecessary barking. Barking is one important characteristic that dogs have. Dogs naturally bark so it is not normal to stop them from barking and besides, barking is a very useful behavior of dogs. But dog owners can do something to deal with dogs who are barking excessively to avoid annoying the neighbors. It is best not to leave excessively barking dog in the backyard or near the street because he can see many things that can trigger his barking. Leave your dog in a room (with enough food and water of course) where the sound of his bark will be contained and where excessive barking will not be triggered. Leave chew toys too so that he can play with it and forget about barking too much.

    Although dogs have the tendency to form bad habits easily, with proper training and guidance it is not that hard to break your dog’s bad habits. Learn more on how to house train your dog and raise an obedient dog. Visit Secrets to Dog Training

    Gerry Restrivera writes informative articles on various subjects including Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits – What You Need to Know. You are allowed to publish this article in its entirety provided that author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and included with every reproduction.

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    Dog Behavior Modification Takes Consistency

    Everyone wants their dogs to behave. They take the time to train them and teach them the basics, like potty training. But there is a step beyond training. This is called behavior modification and it is the basis on which training is best developed.

    Behavior modification is an extremely valuable tool that helps both dogs and their owners, providing a platform in which a dog can easily learn and develop future skills. The only problem is that behavior modification demands consistency, or else it will become counterproductive to the process. If you begin teaching using an outside source such as a trainer and then take them home and contradict or neglect what theyve learned, your dog wont be able to learn properly.

    Continuing the behavior modification process

    The first and most effective lesson you can learn is the act of teaching your dog how to learn. This process is simple, but provides the basis by which all other training is done. From here, it is your job, regardless of whether you have a trainer or not, to constantly solidify your dogs teachings. Always start by isolating them from distraction. If they receive outside communication, even if another person is trying to help, it can confuse your dog and distract him from the lesson. Your own house is ideal for this, since the outdoors can produce numerous sounds and scents, and a new environment can be confusing and more interesting all on its own.

    An ongoing experience

    Even though you may be using an outside professional trainer, it is imperative that you continue the work that is being done. Like a student coming home from school, there is always homework that needs to be done and discipline that is required. Spend time affirming what theyve been taught. Remember that young puppies can easily get bored or frustrated, so you may consider including games in the learning process.

    Rewards are something should be given when they are deserved. This is one of the biggest problems in contradicting the learning process. Owners are renowned for giving their dogs treats, like rawhide or toys, without reason. While it may seem that a dog would definitely deserve it (they are the epitome of affection), it is definitely a contradiction to the behavioral training process. Rather than simply giving your dog a treat, have them give you full attention prior to giving it. Dont be fooled by their supposed attention when they may likely have their attention targeted towards the treat. Have them see you first. You can confirm this by offering a variable command (change it every time so they dont get used to one). When they succeed, give them the treat.

    Behavior is forever

    The reason these techniques must be practiced consistently is because dogs are renowned for developing habits. If you tell your dog to sit every time, they will always sit when you speak. This is a habit youve trained into them. While repetition is essential to mastery, you must include variables into the education process.

    It is recommended that a quality training experience last no longer than fifteen minutes at a time. These increments should be scattered periodically throughout the day. During these training periods, incorporate a different task to learn each time or your dog may develop a habit out of the command.

    This process helps to develop a dependency on you, rather than simply a reaction. This is the process of teaching to learn. While it may seem simple, it is the basic structure that helps your dog develop behavior modification in a positive light.

    Training your dog to perform tasks is slightly different from behavioral training. When your dog develops the right behavior, training is as simple as instruction. This is where behavior modification plays an essential role in dog development. While classes and personal instruction can help, it is vital that you continue teaching your dog how to act and learn.

    In order for your dog to succeed, you must be willing to teach and your dog must be willing to learn. This is a fact shared between every teacher and student. Behavior modification helps your dog learn how to learn for the rest of their life. But it takes the persistence and dedication of a good teacher to remain consistent during the process.

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    Allergic To Your Dog? — 5 Ways To Reduce Symptoms of Canine Allergies

    For those of us whose dogs trigger our allergies, it can be a real balancing act to enjoy them while dealing with the symptoms that are often triggered by their presence. Here are 5 things you can do right now that will help you enjoy your dog more by reducing the allergens that trigger symptoms.

    Keep Your Dog’s Skin Clean—This may be pretty easy if your dog fits in a tote, but obviously is more difficult to impossible if it weighs 95 pounds.. Effectively reducing the amount of hair, fur, and/or dander that is available to go airborne is crucial. This one action alone can make a huge difference in the particle count in your air.

    Check with the veterinarian first for the frequency and type of products that are best to use. This is important because bathing too frequently or with the wrong type of shampoo can cause dry skin and actually increase the amount of dander.

    Keep Pet Areas Clean—Dust mites feed on pet dander (and human dander too). Dander is the body’s way of replacing old skin with newer, healthier skin that is more able to protect it against disease and infection.

    Keeping your dog’s favorite bedding, rug, and furniture clean, and laundered when possible is one of the best way to reduce these allergens that can increase when the dander count is high.

    Provide A Healthy Diet—Make the vet’s office your first stop for the answer that is best for your pooch.. There is so much discussion these days on which food is best that a professional who knows your dog and its specific needs should be the last word about diet.

    A healthy diet directly affects the condition of your dog’s coat and skin. An improper diet can contribute to shedding and more dander production while a balanced diet can mean fewer skin issues. It is important to note that dander is a fact of life. But following these suggestions will help keep levels lower and lessen its impact on you and your allergies.

    Limit Your Numbers—So many dog owners find it hard to say no to bringing home dogs when they turn those big beautiful eyes on you. And while a big heart is a wonderful thing, adopting too many dogs only to find out that you cannot tolerate living with them is hard on you and the dog.

    If you already know that pets cause problems, think twice before you bring more into your home. It is hard to imagine the problems won’t multiply exponentially with more than one or two in your home. Better to love one.

    Filter The Air—Even though pet-related allergens may be what you are most focused on with your allergies at this point, most people who are allergic are sensitive to a variety of allergens.

    Common houshold dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, and seasonal pollens can work in conjunction with pet related triggers and cause you to miserable throughout the year. Using a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter to clear the air of particulates is an effective way to minimize your exposure to numerous allergens.

    By definition a HEPA filter must be able to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are .3 microns in size or greater. With a micron being defined as one millionth of a meter, it’s easy to see that it can remove not only pet allergens, but those that are inherent to indoor spaces as well as those that may they way indoors from outside.

    It is heartbreaking to even think about having to find someone else to love your dog. And taking these steps can really help keep your allergies at bay, and your dog in your heart and your home.


    Get rid of the dog-related allergens that your pooch can generate. See the Pet Dander Air Purifier from now at

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    Dog Training Certification, Certificates & Affiliations – Part 1

    Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or make a website so what differentiates one trainer from another? Part one of a three part series.

    The world of dog training is rife with fly-by-night startups, people dog training part time, people watching a dog training television show and copying those reality show methods, or simply unemployed people looking to make some extra cash because they once experienced owning a dog. Whatever the reason, you have likely stumbled across someones polished, pretty website and now you owe it to yourself and your pet to research this person or organization thoroughly. So how do you know whom to believe and what is important?

    Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. All of the organizations listed throughout this article are the most popular and widely recognized dog training certifications in the world with veterinarians (from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) and trainers alike.

    Because there are no barriers to entry in the dog training industry and no regulations or oversight involved it is extremely important to verify your dog trainers, education, certifications and affiliations and to check with those organizations to see if your trainer is still affiliated and in good standing with those organizations. Many trainers do not continue their ongoing education (CEU, Continuing Education Units) and learning after they initially become affiliated and therefore no longer qualify for membership. In addition many organizations do not even require their members to complete CEUs, to have any formal education, canine understanding or training experience to become certified under their charter.

    When reading through credentials, be aware that not all certifications are the same. Some dog trainers are certified by the dog school that they took their educational program through whereas others are certified through independent certifying bodies that are not affiliated with any particular school or program (such as the CCPDT). So a certified trainer could be someone who simply took a one-week course on dog training or someone who has studied dog training and behavior extensively for many years and was independently tested on their knowledge and skills.

    First find out which organization your dog trainer belongs to and what certifications they have. If no organizations are listed on their web site that is big red flag. If organizations are listed on the trainers website, make sure to call or email those organizations, which should be readily available to you by looking them up on the web and verify the trainer and the company for yourself. Dont simply rely on the dog trainers website for your information, you need to verify.

    Another thing to consider is that each of these organizations has different level memberships. For example, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has 3 different levels of membership, with different criterion for joining each (Associate, Full and Professional level memberships). To obtain an Associate or a Full membership you simply pay money and any citizen can join, however the situation is different for the Professional level membership. The professional level is the highest level of affiliation and cannot merely be bought whereas the lower levels can. At the Professional level one must be a professional member of another organization, meeting strict requirements and education levels, as well as being recommended by veterinarians, clients, professional peers and be affiliated with other independent certification council organizations. In addition, most of the other organizations stipulate an amount of experience necessary to become a professional level member of their organizations as well. To qualify for membership within these professional affiliations, one must be a documented, professional, head dog trainer for many years (typically 5 or more), have taught a certain number of hours as a head dog trainer/director (typically over 300), practice humane, scientific, up-to-date dog training methods, complete many CEUs every year and be selected to take an lengthy exam given once or twice a year. These are just some of the requirements to become a Professional affiliation in many of these organizations.

    Unfortunately there are many unethical and dishonest people in the industry so you will have to do a little leg work to find the right company, dog trainer and fit. Many times the Professional designation listed on a trainers web site isnt what it seems to be after you call to verify their certifications you may come to realize that they are not certified by any independent council such as the CCPDT or their level of affiliation is misleading and incorrectly stated on their web site. It is very important to do your homework about a dog trainer and their company; after all, this is your pet and part of your family. You wouldnt send your child off to a college without researching it thoroughly would you? The qualifications you would look for before sending your child off to school to educate them are the same with your pet: the quality of education, teachers, staff, experience and teaching style, how long the teachers or institution have been around and teaching, trustworthiness, honesty, awards, recognition, results & professionalismetc.

    The same goes for the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). The professional level here is the highest one can achieve and also requires blind sealed, signed Veterinarians letters of recommendation, clients letters of recommendation and meeting certain training criterion.

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    Tips for Selecting a Dog Groomer

    Summary: Entrusting your dog in the care of anyone else can be an unnerving obstacle at any length of time. You need someone you can trust. When choosing the best dog groomer or dog boarding for the job, be sure to take our simple talking points into account. Doing so will help to find the best qualified groomer that you and your pet will be comfortable with.

    Taking your pet to a professional dog groomer is an important part of raising a healthy, well adjusted companion. Many people believe that a simple wash and dry in the backyard is enough to keep their pet clean, but only a professional has the experience and thorough service necessary to help any breed of dog live to their highest degree of well being.

    However, with so many groomers and dog boarding businesses offering their services, it is hard to decide which would be the best fit for your companion. The following are some important points to keep in mind when selecting a dog groomer to entrust your pet with.

    ReputationWord of mouth is probably the most reliable method of judging a potential dog groomers service. Generally, pet owners love to talk about their companions and will usually be more than willing to refer you to their preferred groomer or boarding home. If you have a prospective groomer in mind, but have never met one of their clients, do not be discouraged. With consumer watchdog sites and business review sites there is always a review available for the service you are researching.

    AccountabilityA good groomer or boarding house should be completely transparent. If they have time, ask to have a brief tour of the grooming or boarding rooms. Be sure that they can pleasantly answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and that they have proper qualification certificates or any training required by the state they practice in.

    FlexibilityGenerally, it is best to defer to a professionals opinion on health and other such concerns. However, a groomer should be able to work with your input on cosmetic solutions. Using items such as a preferred shampoo or skin treatment can be done in lieu of the dog groomers in shop brands. Stylistic concerns such as hair length and shape should be discussed beforehand, and be as specific as possible so that the groomer can understand and work with your input.

    DocumentationA good groomer will put everything in writing; itemized services, prices, certifications, proof of vaccinations, observations of the animals behavior, etc. One of the best services that a groomer can provide is an informal inspection of the dogs health. If they noticed any odd sores, bumps, or odors they can recommend that you take your pet to a certified veterinarian. A professional groomer will include a letter detailing to your vet what they observed.

    ComfortThis is fairly immaterial and highly subjective. When you bring your pet to the groomer, watch how it reacts. Watch how the groomer and your dog interact, how comfortable your pet is in the setting. Especially if youre leaving your dog as a boarding guest, their comfort is imperative. A comfortable dog will mean an easier time for everyone involved (yourself included), and maybe even a cheaper bill as some groomers will adjust prices based on the dogs behavior.

    Take care of your companion and fit them with the best professional dog groomer or dog boarding possible that will meet their needs. Use the points we discussed as guidelines for pairing you with the groomer that both you and your dog are most comfortable with.

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    What Causes Dog Shedding

    Dogs shed hair. We cant get away from it; its a natural process whereby your dog is getting rid of his old coat and dead hair to allow his new coat to grow properly. Most dogs have a seasonal shedding time, usually in spring to get rid of the winter coat. If your dog is an indoor dog however, it is likely that he will shed all year round.

    Some breeds do shed hair more than others and some will have a large moult in the spring and then continue to shed lightly throughout the rest of the warm season. Much depends on the heat levels; the warmer it is the more your dog will shed.

    There are other things that can cause shedding though. If your dogs coat still looks healthy despite shedding hair then it is likely that it is just a normal moult. However, if your dog is shedding much more than normal or bald spots start to appear then there may be an underlying problem.

    Physical problems that can cause excessive shedding are ringworm, skin infections, some cancers, mange, stress, tumours, autoimmune disease and hormonal imbalances. If you suspect that your dog has a physical illness or you see bald spots start to appear you should seek veterinary attention for diagnosis.

    2 other causes of shedding that we can do something about are a poor diet and not enough grooming and bathing of your dog. If a dogs diet is of a poor quality then it is likely to cause him a multitude of problems including loss of hair. Change his diet to a more natural one or a home cooked diet and add in skin and coat supplements and you should see an improvement over time.

    You can buy supplements that contain living enzymes that are essential to a dogs body. Without these enzymes your dogs digestive system is unable to fully absorb all of the nutrients from his meal, resulting in poor nutrition and skin problems.

    Groom your dog regularly. Depending on the breed and the time of year you may need to do it every day, or every other day. Choose a brush that suits your dog. You need to be able to brush your dogs coat thoroughly without hurting him and at the same time massage the skin to help blood circulation.

    Use of a good natural shampoo will also help. Choose one that contains colloidal oatmeal, essential oils and Zinc PCA as these will all help your dogs coat to become tangle free, soft and will also help to heal any problems with the skin. You should not wash your dog every single day as this will remove the natural oils from his coat and cause his skin to become dry and flaky, making the problem worse.

    Use a leave in conditioner with the same ingredients as you shampoo between baths. This will help to keep your dogs coat smooth and more manageable and the healing process will continue. Regular use of this and the grooming will eventually improve the condition of your dogs coat and lessen shedding. Although a small amount of natural shedding will still occur we can certainly lessen the amount of dog hair left lying all over the floor and furniture and your dg will feel better as well.

    Are you looking for more information regarding Dog Shedding? Visit today!

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    5 Durable Dog Toys

    Have you found that your dogs toys dont hold up past the first few frantic minutes of playing?

    Those who are at all like me are a canine owners who’s dealt with increasing inconvenience simply because you select toy after toy that finish up in the trash can by bedtime.

    Every single big and small dog is susceptible to the joy of chewing, and picking an ideal toy which might endure, and one that a pooch will like could possibly be a dilemma.

    Consumer reviews and product details cant compare to that well known method to picking out the ideal toy; permitting our dogs have at it!

    When I found that basically no squeaker or stuffed toy could be free from danger inside of my household, I had to pinpoint a more attractive plan for just one squeaker crazy tiny puppy.

    Of every one of the products that I’ve discovered, the foregoing 5 dog toys obtain the A+ in all factors dogs enjoy, in addition to their masters wants, of an incredible toy.

    Orvis Tiger Tough Toys:

    Labelled as tiger-tough for one reason: each Orvis Tiger-Tough range of toys was in fact field tested with the big cats themselves, tigers.

    Manufactured to hold up to even the most extreme playtime, Tiger-Tough toys are made from from two layers of Cordura nylon (600-denier) on plastic and fleece, then stitched and cross stitched to further improve long life.

    You will find more than one squeakers in these toys too, so if one does not withstand hard playtime, your little friend wont be without the squeaking advantages.

    Reviewers go on and on of the fact that Tiger-Tough toys last significantly beyond typical plush dog toys; that dogs pick these particular plush toys to other types of toys; as well as that these toys will certainly live through even multiple bigger dogs.

    You could buy rings, tug toys, as well as extremely cute octopus for the greatest heavy duty play plush toy for your puppy dog.
    Orvis Tiger Tough Toys are available here!

    Tuffy Ultimate Boomerang
    The Ultimate Boomerang is made for medium and large dogs whom love to run, capture and chew. The Ultimate Boomerang is not a chew toy, but is undoubtedly durable enough to resist the rowdy play time which most doggies really like.

    By playing with these boomerangs, get ready to experience long-lasting play time together with your pup, in addition to water play, with no need of getting concerned over your dog shredding the toys before the day is finished.

    The Ultimate Boomerang is light, long lasting and floats, providing you and your four-legged friend a lot of options for outdoor playtime.

    Your pup will enjoy the large size,three squeakers, and the solid edging this will stimulate gums and teeth.

    The Ultimate Boomerang is said a favorite of vets a result of the structure and dental benefits.
    Buy Tuffy Ultimate Boomerang now!

    Loofa Plush Pooch Toy with Squeaker:
    The Loofa Plush Dog Toy is meant to be pet and kid friendly with larger number of features.

    Should your dog love to roll on on to toys, and lets be honest – who doesn’t?! – and get his back scratched, than this toy is good for you!

    The abrasive Loofa material is made for dog itches, and it is tough enough to withstand the toughest playtime. The fabric is not necessarily so coarse that kids would have a difficult time playing with their doggie pals.

    Additionally the interesting, mad face on the toy will incite giggles all through play.

    Reviewers adore the Loofa Plush Dog Toy stating that it will last for a longer period in comparison to most plush toys, and dogs take pleasure in the squeaky elongated midsection.

    Testimonials state that this toy will probably be a ideal choice for little to midsize dogs who choose to tug, toss as well as chew.

    The Loofa Plush Dog Toy is an inexpensive choice that’s available at large chain stores which includes Wal-Mart that makes it simpler when compared with snail mail or even internet order choices. Go here to find your local Walmart

    Orbee Tuff Snowball:
    The Orbee Tuff Snowball is known as an outstanding toy which is going to have your furry friend doing flips due to this frozen exciting ball.

    Fashioned after snowballs with your dog in mind, the Orbee Tuff Snowball is a marvelous robust pooch toy designed to have your little mate fetching for numerous hours.

    Not merely will your pup really love fetching this excellent toy, in addition you will love that it’ll make your dogs breath minty clean.

    Yes! The Orbee Tuff Snowball is flavored minty fresh! The

    Orbee Tuff Snowball is crafted in the USA not to mention its also eco-friendly.

    Enthused about its toughness, easiness of clean-up, usefulness for either little as well as larger dogs, and the simplicity associated with playing outside the house or in the house, reviewers give the Orbee Tuff Snowball a 5 out of 5 stars .

    Your family should purchase the Orbee Tuff Snowball at:Indestructible Dog Toys

    Petmate Booda Bellies:
    Petmate Booda Bellies are awesome, high quality, larger plush toys that dogs will adore!

    They have got a range of well known wildlife, for example , frogs and giraffes that come in 12 ” plushy plushyness for your dogs chewing and snuggling satisfaction.

    These particular durable plush toys give you a unusual squeaker that happens to be a lot more of a grunting noise that will get your dog incredibly thrilled about fun time.

    The much larger size is without a doubt great for larger dogs which without difficulty rip apart small sized plush toys.

    Booda Bellies are precisely made with huge midsections that will provide your dog ample amounts of space to munch away at the squeaker while not removing off the arms and legs or head section of the toy.

    Reviewers frequently obtain a good deal more than one design and style stating that their dogs appreciate playtime with all their Booda Bellies.

    You can purchase Petmate Booda Bellies at: Amazon

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    Do Not Purchase Dog Shampoo If Your Dog is Suffering from Arthritis

    Most dog owners love their dog immensely, and treat it like a member of the family, buying it dog shampoo, treats, toys, and anything else it needs to be healthy and happy. However, just like any human member of the family, dogs can also get sick or suffer from conditions such as arthritis, at an older age. Fortunately, some of the treatments that work for humans also work for dogs, as is the case with arthritis. Supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs usually produce excellent results, if taken early, and the same ingredients are used for arthritis medicine for humans as well. Other pills that combat senility and other ailments that affect dogs at old age are also available, with some using devils claw and other ingredients.
    If your dog is suffering from arthritis and your vet has recommended that you give him special pills or supplements make sure that they contain glucosamine and chondroitin. As mentioned above, these are also the main ingredients in pills to combat arthritis in humans. Glucosamine plays a major part in the production of new cartilage, and chondroitin is what blocks the breakdown of cartilage caused by enzymes. Not only that, but it also improves the flow of fluid into the cartilage.
    As your dog gets older or as it suffers from other conditions or accidents, its body is no longer able to produce the required quantity of glucosamine to keep its cartilages healthy. This in turn leads to a degradation of the cartilage and reduced mobility due to it. It may not seem like much, especially for someone who is not suffering from arthritis and who has never seen someone suffering from it, but it is extremely unpleasant and mobility is reduced greatly, making even simple actions extremely difficult.
    That is why, besides supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin, numerous accessories are also available for dogs, to make moving them easier when they are suffering from arthritis. Dog steps are highly recommended if you take your dog with you in your car, as it is probably having a difficult time getting into and out of the car, with its limited mobility. The dog steps offer a nice and easy way for it to get into the car, without you having to strain your back to lift it.
    Vitamin C is also extremely important when it comes to the mobilization of the immune system, and that is why the best supplements also contain it, besides glucosamine and chondroitin. Always keep in mind that the price of the supplement is not always a good indication of its quality. If a certain supplement contains all of the elements mentioned above, then chances are high that it is good, even if it is cheaper than other better known ones.
    These two ingredients combined create one of the most effective treatments for arthritis. However, it is not a miracle cure, and your dog will not be healed over night if you start giving it such pills. You will however notice a definite improvement in its condition, if the arthritis is not very severe. Most treatments will not have any effect if the condition is severe and if it has been left untreated. The sooner the condition is detected and the sooner appropriate treatment is started, the better the chances are that the treatment will be successful and the condition of the dog will start improving.
    If you want nothing more for your dog than for it to be able to enjoy its old age being happy and pain free, then invest in accessories and treatment for it. If your dog is quite old and if you have not taken it to the vet for a long while then it is certainly time to do it. It may be suffering in silence without the treatment, and if you do not pay attention you may not even see it, so it is better to take it to the vet and have everything checked out. You do not want to discover that your dog has arthritis when it is too late, and that instead of purchasing the right treatment for it you were purchasing dog shampoo. Ask your vet about what pills to get for your dog, but just make sure they contain glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs. You may also want to get something containing devils claw, to help with senility as well.

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    How Do You Get Your Dog To Eat From One Bowl?

    One of the troubles of having multiple dogs is feeding time. Once the food hits the bowl, you immediately hear the sound of paws and claws rushing towards the source. But, its not the eating that usually concerns the owner- its what happens around the dinner bowl. Fights, overeating, and even intimidation may all take place during this favored moment of a dogs day.

    Unfortunately, this means that there are various scenarios that can take place when it comes to feeding two or more dogs at the same time. One dog may decide that they want all the food to himself, finishing their bowl and diving in for seconds out of anothers bowl. Another problem is that one dog may decide that all the food should be his- through aggression or force, causing fear and intimidation amongst his companions. Owners would want their dogs to just get along, sharing and enjoying their own food without concern for the other but that isnt always the case.

    Separate Meal Times

    One of the best options is to separate your dogs. Because dogs can become physical during the eating process (snarling or biting the other), separating them may be necessary to provide a safe environment for everyone. After all, one bowl and two dogs can become a problem when everyone is hungry.

    This doesnt mean you need multiple food bowls or territory. In fact, it can be beneficial to feed every dog from the same bowl. The first problem that arises is deciding who to feed first. Here, there is the concern about dominance theories, but it really shouldnt affect your decision on who eats first. Instead, you may think about your older dogs first (age before youth). You can also go so far as letting them share their feeding times. Alternating feeding times (One feeds first on Monday, but second on Tuesday) will give each of your dogs a fair share of the feeding process.

    Feeding the dogs is another thing entirely. Because there may be trouble if one dog spots something tasty that they want, they will likely invade and take over the meal. With this in mind, it is often important to separate the dogs entirely while they are eating. Only one food source should be available to your dogs to enforce eating habits and training. Select a single room (kitchen or other selected room) where your dogs will eat. When it comes time for one dog to eat, keep them in that room until they are done eating. Then it will be time for the other dogs to eat. This will prevent any trouble at the food bowl.

    Another handy trick that you can take advantage of is training. Dogs know that they will get something for nothing if you give it to them unconditionally (the exemption is love). So, before you feed them, you may include commands that designate their name and what they are supposed to do before you fill their bellies. This gives the added advantage of a distraction-free environment. Your other dogs wont be yipping and eager to interfere in the process. For a multiple-dog owner, this can be an event that will provide the exact atmosphere you need to properly train each dog. You can also use this time to separate who gets to eat when. This will enforce who eats first without causing trouble amongst your dogs.

    After Feeding

    After feeding poses another problem for the dog owner. A dog that doesnt eat all of their food will leave some leftovers. Perhaps they may want to come back for more later or they just werent as hungry today. Equal portions are an important part of feeding. You dont want other dogs happening upon some extras in the food bowl when it isnt their turn to eat. This can lead to overeating or even secondary fights when one discovers that the other is eating their leftovers. When it isnt feeding time, be sure you remove the food and the bowl from their access. This is a sign to designate that feeding time is over. It will help them develop a sense of feeding time and prevent other problems in the future.

    Eating is a big part of a dogs life (hopefully it isnt your shoes). Handling this fact amongst multiple dogs presents another challenge for dog owners. But with care and patience, you can assure that each of your dogs is fairly treated and gets their share of food each day.

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