Welcome To Boarding Kennels Nottingham

Choosing the right boarding kennels in Nottingham can be difficult, both you and your pet need to be happy. There are a number of kennels in the area but which one would be suitable. Some of the things to consider before making your choice are:

How Big Are The Kennels?
For your dog or cat to feel comfortable while you are away they need enough space to both live in and to exercise in. The exact size your pet will need will depend on what size your pet is and if they are an active breed or are happy to laze around all day.

How Often Are They Exercised?
Even though your pet may have enough room to roam around in during the day, it’s also important that they can actually get out and be exercised twice a day. Just like you would at home getting out and about and having some freedom is important.
Do the kennels cater for family groups of more than one pet?

Do The Kennels Have Outside Runs?
Both cats and dogs do not like to be cooped up all day and night in a virtual cell. They should have the choice of being able to venture out if they choose and sit in the sun and get some fresh air during the day.

Is There A Collection And Delivery Service Available?
This is not strictly necessary for your pets comfort, but can be useful in giving you more time to get organised ready for your trip or holiday. It can sometimes be easier on the both you and your pet to both collected and delivered and avoid unnecessary stress.

Does Your Pet Require Kennel Cough Vaccination?
The short answer is yes, every boarding kennel in Nottingham will require your pet dog to have had an up to date vaccination against kennel cough. They will usually ask for you to produce the certificate when you book your dog in. Kennel cough along with many other contagious diseases, are highly infectious and should the boarding kennels have an infected dog in their care it could shut their business down for a considerable time, hence they will be very keen for you to produce your certificate. Take a look at some of the other articles on vaccinations and typical diseases.

Do The Kennels Cater For Pets On Medication?
Some do and some don’t depending on if your pet requires just pills or lotions administered or perhaps actual injections. It is not unusual for pets to need either tablets, eye drops or something that is non invasive while in care. The simple answer is to make sure you ask before booking especially if it is well advance as it’s possible for your pet to come come down with a problem between your booking him in and the actual date.

There are other minor details to consider of course and please read our other articles to find out more. However, to give both yourself and your dog peace of mind and have a worry free stay, then these are the main questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right boarding kennels in Nottingham.

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